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MAGICAL project concludes

MAGICAL has come to a successful conclusion. Find out about project outcomes and results.

MAGICAL drops anchor at Athens Europolicies 2014 conference

MAGICAL game making workshop

MAGICAL’s official co-funding period has just drawn to a close with a keynote address and special game-making workshop at the Europolicies conference in Athens, 28-28 September 2014. In the keynote presentation Games in Education: Some Key Initiatives and Emerging Trends in Europe, Jeffrey Earp from ITD-CNR set MAGICAL’s objectives and activities in the broader context of games-driven educational innovation in European research and practice.

MAGICAL’S Magos meets MIT’s MaKey MaKey

One of the highlights at the GALA 2014 Summer School held recently in Pori, Finland, was a special half-day workshop devoted to game making. This event was run by a team from the MAGICAL project, which is investigating the potential of digital game making for enhancing learning in primary and lower secondary schools.


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