Find out how you can overcome a finance hardship and ensure your financial well-being in the medium and long term.

Probably the majority of people and households are facing moments of financial difficulty, either because they lost their income or have seen the assets of their company decimated due to the extension of the mandatory preventive asylum .

However, to overcome this crisis it is necessary to look at the situation constructively and implement a strategy that minimizes the negative effects and maximizes the opportunities that the situation offers.

Here are three tips for putting finance resilience into practice:


People with low levels of financial education are at greater risk of vulnerability in emergency situations, this translates into a barrier to inclusion and, therefore, to make good decisions about the products and services offered by the financial system in the short term, medium and long term.

A financially literate person knows that during bonanzas to save for the unexpected and lean periods . He also knows that a good budget is his first ally in a difficult situation and he knows how and when it is time to invest with realistic goals.

This conjuncture should leave us with a moral. Perhaps seeing the possibilities in a glass that was previously full and now looks half empty is difficult. 


If you have lost your job or have seen your income diminish, it is time to empower your skills . Regardless of the profession or trade that you have learned or performed so far, we all have other types of skills that can be put to the benefit of your pocket. Remember that what may be common knowledge to you is not common to others.

Do a small market study, recognize the proposals of your competitors and look for your product or service to have a differential over the others . Thus, people will rather go with you than with someone else who offers you similar value.

Don’t be afraid to knock on different doors. Start by promoting your product or service with your friends and ask them to convey your messages to others, do the same with your family and co-workers. You can also use social media as a showcase and offer your skills in virtual groups or communities. If you are already an entrepreneur, venture into electronic commerce, this will help you increase sales and improve the positioning of your brand without the need to make large investments in advertising.

Thinking about other sources of income will allow you to open your mind, occupy your free time in an undertaking, help you to give a new finance approach and treasure a small remnant to start again when the situation returns to normal.


Cash in your home, money in a savings account, credit certificates, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, private pension plans and unemployment benefits, among others, are part of your savings. Do not get carried away by panic or excitement with the movements that the markets have in these months.

Since 1929, the world has faced nearly 14 declines as a result of the business cycle. When the emergency is controlled, the demand for products and services will be reactivated, the markets will stabilize again and economic flows will return to their course. Be patient, hasty decisions only lead to the loss of your investment.