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Why Everyone Should Know The Basics Of Personal Finance

It is important to understand the basic knowledge.

With daily financial choices to make, have you ever wondered if you were informed enough on the subject? According to the Government of Canada’s “Why Financial Capability Matters” report, all Canadians should be educated at a minimum about personal finances. Several advantages derive from basic economic knowledge.

Direct impact on your financial

How to Improve your Credit Report

Have a good credit rating.

To be successful with lenders, you must first and foremost use your credit responsibly and avoid late payments. Canada’s financial consumer agencies also advise you to own several credit instruments (card, line, personal loan) and to keep your credit accounts open for a long time. Thus, it is recommended not to close an old credit …

What is B2B e-commerce?

Definition of B2B e-commerce

So, what is B2B e-commerce, an important definition to know? In the proper sense of business-to-business e-commerce (B to B or B2B) is the electronic transaction between two or more commercial entities on the internet. It’s common for B2B businesses to think that B2C e-commerce solutions can meet their needs. However, companies investing in an e-commerce …

The Fundamentals of Market And Corporate Finance

Understanding market mechanisms is based on a number of concepts and tools that need to be integrated in order to master the different professions of modern finance.

The purpose of this training is to offer an approach that allows a practical and progressive approach to these fundamental principles which constitute the foundations of both market finance and corporate finance.


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