Impulse purchases, unforeseen trips to the grocery store as well as small daily whims are real factors of rapid budget depletion. If you want to save money without depriving yourself of the little dishes that brighten your taste buds, our 10 best tips to reduce your grocery bill will undoubtedly interest you.

Budget for groceries

To get started, the first tip of our top 10 tips for reducing your grocery bill is to budget . Indeed, the budget for groceries is the only way not to waste money. This is to draw up a weekly planning table in which you will mention the total amount to spend for a week. You will specify in detail in this table all the purchases to be made: the products, their respective prices, and the quantity you need. Plan all the meals for the week with everything that goes with them. You will be able to determine the amount to spend on a daily basis, an amount that you should not exceed in any case.

Buy the products you need

Based on the planning table you have created, make a list of the products to purchase. In fact, buying the products you need when doing your grocery shopping is beneficial to the sound management of your money. Once you’ve listed your purchases, make sure you only bring the cash you need, and avoid extra budgets for “just in case” at all costs. At the grocery store, no need to give in to temptations! Only turn to the products on your list. This will prevent you from impulse purchases which are real poisons for your budget.

Shop without children

Always in order not to waste, do not let your children or your spouse do the grocery shopping with you. Even if you already have a very small list, those accompanying you may not take it into consideration. If you come to accompany, you risk even more to increase your expenses for things which are not even of capital use (treats for the children for example).

Have everything you need to do your shopping properly

going shopping for groceries (my own handwriting) focus is on ‘grocery list’

Before you go to the grocery store, make sure you have everything you need to not inflate your bills. For example, get your bags straight away before leaving home instead of having to buy them on the spot. Same thing: carry your water bottle, tissues or other with you if you think you will have them for a long time. Buying these items off your list can do a lot of damage to your wallet.

Know how to take advantage of the loyalty programs of certain grocery stores

Many grocery stores allow their customers to sign up for the loyalty program. By being a member of this program, you can benefit from exclusive discounts on certain items, not only at your usual grocery store, but also at partner stores.

The great thing about this type of program is that you have the option to review your membership account before you go to checkout. If electronic coupons are offered to you to take advantage of the store’s discounts, you can use them at will and thus save significant money.

Take the time to shop around all the local grocery stores

There are probably many grocery stores in the city where you are. To reduce your bills during your shopping, do not hesitate to explore each point of sale before settling on your purchases. Be aware that two or three grocery stores may offer you the same item, but at different prices. In this case, buy smart! Then choose to shop where the product is offered at the lowest price.

And when you come to the grocery store of your choice, go straight away in the direction where the products on your list are located. Avoid sneaking between the shelves where the temptations are often obvious. It can waste a lot of your time and make impulse buying even more likely.

Don’t hesitate to buy cheap products

Also, anything that is cheap is often of excellent quality. Everything is, in fact, a question of brand. For an item of the same quality, choose the generic brand from your grocery store instead of a reputable brand that offers the same product at a significantly higher price. This principle remains valid for all the products you are going to buy.

You can browse multiple stores rather than shopping at a single point of sale. You are quite allowed to go from grocery store to grocery store to find the most affordable products in terms of price.

Learn about different ways to cook to vary your purchases

To lower grocery bills, you can vary your purchases without changing your consumption pattern. For example, for your main course, you don’t have to cook rice with every meal. You can easily replace it with pasta, potatoes, or corn. By varying your dishes in this way, you will be able to save money without sacrificing your health and taste preferences.

Learn how to store leftover foods

We often have this annoying habit of throwing away what we have cooked that we have not finished the same day. You should know, however, that this kind of waste greatly affects our budget, whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly.

The trick is to prepare meals with basic ingredients every day. In this way, it is always possible to save leftovers and reuse them the next day or another day of the week for the creation of new dishes. You will be able to shorten your list at the grocery store during your next shopping.

Are your debts eating up your budget?

If paying off your debts is too greedy and takes too much of your budget, know that there are alternatives to interest payments and multiple debt repayments. In fact, in addition to bankruptcy , the consumer proposal allows you to make a single payment, without interest and even to reduce the amount of capital in order to eliminate your debts much more quickly