In a hectic and uncertain economic environment, the complexity and continuously growing diversity of investors is a game-changer in terms of their expectations from financial organizations . Competition stifles the industry and discriminates against one another.

For a long time this sector “closed” and dissociated  digital marketing  from its branding strategies. Now, in the face of market developments, it is now essential to move from the era of “traditional financial communication” to that of  financial digital marketing .

The deployment of media 2.0 accompanied by the emergence of various tools adapted to this sector of activity baptize a new era in which financial digital branding is taking place.  This strategy occupies an essential place in the survival of  financial organizations .

Note that 32% of Swiss Internet users search for personal loans on the internet and that 26% make the decision to take out loans  online  !

This month,  Eminence is dedicated to  financial organizations . 

Aware of our versatile expertise in different sectors of activity and equipped with digital know-how, this month  Eminence   will devote himself entirely to what we can call  financial digital marketing. We will give you the best tricks of our profession and guide you in putting your structure online and in defining its digital strategy as a whole.

Here’s a quick look at this month’s themes:

  • The behavior of Swiss Internet users in the financial sector  : learn about the behavior of Swiss Internet users online when they are in contact with the various players in the financial sector.
  • Social networks: What impact on the financial sector? : Social networks offer you a real opportunity for your business in terms of visibility and recommendation, even in the financial sector.
  • Content Marketing: A Must Have In The Financial Industry: Find Out How To Use Content Marketing And Blogging To Boost Your Financial Institution’s Visibility and Awareness.
  • The Progressive Digital Invasion of the Financial Sector: Have you established a comprehensive digital marketing strategy? Have you thought about how you are going to deal with your 3.0 customers? Find out why you should seriously consider investing in digital as a player in the financial sector!
  • 5 good reasons for investing in digital for banks: find out why, as a bank, you should be moving more and more towards digital.
  • Banks,  financial organizations, the month of August is entirely devoted to you.